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BioMeridian Scan in Frisco, TX

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Nutrition by Tina is at your service when you need a BioMeridian assessment in Frisco, TX. This particular assessment measures the electrical circuits in your body that are associated with respective organs and systems. It also locates the areas where imbalance is present and provides a supplement recommendation for natural correction. Improve your well-being today by contacting us to schedule an appointment with our holistic nutritionist.

Biomeridian Assessment Tool in Plano, TX

If you have tried most western medicines and are not satisfied with the results, now is the time to try an alternative option! By using the incredible technology of the Biomeridian Machine, a number of issues throughout the body can be detected, putting you on the path to wellness. For years, this powerful device has helped people worldwide to understand exactly what is going on in their bodies. Thanks to the Biomeridian, this intense understanding of the body has been used to eliminate and heal issues such as ADD/ADHD, infertility, low energy levels, allergies, weight gain, digestive disorders, and many more! Between the impressive science of the Biomeridian scan and the nutritional expertise provided at Nutrition By Tina, we can help you reverse years of imbalance and prevent future issues and injuries.

Similar to acupuncture, but without the application of needles, a BioMeridian assessment evaluates the energy flowing through the many organs and systems in your body to accurately analyze the status of your health. Whether you are experiencing symptoms or would just like to be aware of your condition, we recommend a BioMeridian assessment as the first step to supporting your physical and emotional state. This tool helps to determine blockage, weakness and/or stress in any of the systems of the body. By getting such precise insight to what is really going on inside your body, our Holisitic Nutritionist can develop an individual health plan especially for you. By applying our proven techniques, you can count on health and energy balance for years to come.

BioMeridian Survey in Frisco, TX

We have been in business for 10 years—that's a decade of experience! When you schedule an appointment at Nutrition by Tina, you can always expect to receive the quality service you deserve. We offer BioMeridian assessments in Frisco, TX, for patients who may be suffering from a meridian imbalance and need an energetic boost.

Furthermore, BioMeridian surveys provide a quantitative analysis for the nutritionist, allowing us better access to the hierarchy of body systems. It also assists in determining the priority of healing modalities. Our treatments are accurate and non-invasive—and affordable, too. Contact us today to learn more about BioMeridian assessment.

Tina Speaking with Patient in Plano, TX

Our BioMeridian assessments in Frisco are effective and accurate. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our holistic nutritionist proudly offers services for patients in Allen, McKinney, Richardson, Plano, The Colony, Wylie, Fairview, Carrollton, and Lewisville, TX and surrounding areas.