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Holistic Nutrition in Frisco, TX

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Here at Nutrition by Tina, we look at nutrition from a Naturopathic point of view. This method respects the body as an intuitive being that will heal itself when given the right tools. With Nutrition by Tina’s unique blend of high quality supplements and powerful whole foods, the body is equipped to reach optimum health.

In our practice, we don’t heal people; We teach them to heal themselves.  At Nutrition by Tina, We gently open the door to natural healing for our clients.  Through a healthy lifestyle, a consistent protocol and self education, our clients continue their own journey for optimum health and self awareness.

Whole Food Nutritional Supplements

Nutrition by Tina is also a provider of safe, natural, and effective whole food supplements customized for each individual person. Other items provided by Nutrition by Tina include Standard Process®, MediHerb®,Juice Plus+®, ID Life®, Shaklee®, DesBio®, Ortho Molecular Products®, Pure®, Douglas Labortatories®, Weed Botanical Company®, BioResource®, Harmony Formulas®, Irwin Naturals®, Metagenics®, Nordic Naturals®, Nutriwest®, Professional Complementary Health Formulas®, Biotics®, and Thorne®. These are some of the most trusted, well-known names in their respective industries; perfect for men, women, and children of all ages. They represent some of the easiest, most convenient ways to introduce farm fresh nutrition to your daily diet, resulting in healthier immune systems and reduced cardiovascular stress.

Fruits and Vegetables in Plano, TX

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our holistic nutritionist proudly offers holistic allergy relief in Frisco and for patients in Allen, McKinney, Richardson, Plano, The Colony, Wylie, Fairview, Carrollton, and Lewisville, TX, and surrounding areas.